Hand Forge Your

Dream Knife


Dream Knife Class

Availability: January and February

If you have always dreamed of designing and making your own knife from raw materials but haven’t known where to start or had the equipment, this is the class for you. During a "Dream Knife Class” you will receive 8-16 hours of one on one teaching from blade-smith, Robby Bowman. This class covers and includes: design assistance, handle and blade materials and how to choose them, hands on blade and metal smithing, along with assembly and finishing. By learning these skills you will create and leave the class with your finished dream knife. Cost of this class starts at $750 and goes up based on the type of knife you want to make and exotic material upgrades. Please call the showroom at 865-365-4344 for scheduling information.



  • Steel

  • Handle Material

  • Basic Sheath

  • Lessons by Robby Bowman

  • Safety Equipment